30 years experience in private label design & production.

We are T&T, a fully integrated Chicago design agency that has dedicated 30 years to private label excellence. For over 3 decades we have worked with some of the world's largest retailers to help them create, implement and deliver private brands that offer consumers a greater value proposition than the NBEs.

Our journey began...

...in a small office in London, England and has since grown to include a vast global team of design, production and print specialists. At the heart of it, we remain a strong family business. We continue to share this culture with our clients through our customer-focused, friendly and collaborative work ethic. Our way of working has paved a path for unique relationships with our clients, like our 30-year partnership with ALDI.  In 2016, our US office opened with a single vision: to build and deliver private brand strategy for US retailers that is cost-effective, fast and creative. To do this, we have spent years developing our unique 360° suite of services which aims at solving every need in the brand creation process. Whether it’s  designing a new brand, artworking 300 SKUs in under 6 weeks, or creating a detailed brand guide, we adapt to our client's needs and always deliver on time.  Being privileged enough to now have a cross-continental workforce, we strive to apply the central principles of our global culture to every project. We believe these to be British Creativity, German Efficiency & American Customer Service.Don’t worry though, we also have lots of fun on the way!


Our London office is where it all began. We’ve got 70+ resources and all the private label knowledge you could ever want!

The core services include: Production / Design / Quality Control / Client Services / Brand Guidelines / Digital Content & Strategy

Our Chicago office is our North American Hub for creativity and production.

The core services include: 16 hr Production / Design / Client Services / Brand Guidelines / Brand Creation & Strategy


suite of services



Brand Activation

Brand Naming & Creation

Brand Positioning

Consumer Research & Analysis

Customer Experience

Customer Journey Mapping

Digital Content & Social

Global Trends & Insights


Brand Storyboarding

Comprehensive Brand Guidelines

Digital & POS Design

Digital Retouching


Packaging Design


Visual Language & Fontography


Artwork Production

Colour Management

Compliance & Regulation

High-quality Mock-ups

Multilingual Typesetting

Quality Control Checking

Repro & Printer Management

Rollout Implementation