Everyday luxury eats...

No matter the time or place, we all love Gourmet food. In 2019 we undertook the production rollout and redesign of ALDI’s Gourmet range. Spanning over 200 products, across multiple vendors, and every food category, the challenge we threefold. First, we had to modernize the brand through imagery, a new logo and fontography. Second, we needed to find a photography solution that was cheap, easy to execute and would result in luxury HD imagery. Finally, the rollout of the 200 items, across multiple suppliers, had to be completed from start (design) to finish (file release) in under 6-weeks. The result was a prominent design, with stunning photography, that met the timeline. We accomplished this by using our proprietary production rollout process and through the use of ‘comping’ photography with stock imagery to reduce image lead times from 3-4 days to 24hrs.