Get those eyes wide open...

At the start of 2020 TOPCO wanted to re-launch their Wide Awake brand as a premium tier vs. mainstream tier own brand. To directly compete with global brands like Starbucks, a marketing and social media strategy was desired that could engage and convert consumers over. In effect: Drive top of mind awareness of Wide Awake as a distinctively good yet fun coffee beverage brand option. In light of this objective, the TOPCO team asked us to create engaging social media assets and hashtags from the brand assets, in effect, creating a brand ‘toolkit’ from the base design. All social content needed to be scalable across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. The result was an array of visuals, POS banners, animations and hashtags that were complemented with a detailed strategy on each post’s use. Time to get awake… WIDE AWAKE!







In today’s digital world the effectiveness of a brand is highly dependent on its digital presence. Engaging consumers with animations, characters and taglines increases brand recall and, therefore, sales. For Wide Awake, we used these already existing packaging elements to turn a pack into a digital story.